WIS helps you to open a company in one of the many entrepreneur-friendly Mainland / offshore/ free zones in the UAE.

We help entrepreneurs like you open company in Dubai
  • 100% ownership guaranteed
    Open company in Dubai without the need for a local sponsor.

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    We ensure you know exactly what you are paying for without any hidden costs.

  • Free impartial consultation
    Our dedicated team provides free impartial consultations so that you end up with the best licensing solution that’s tailored to your needs.

  • No physical office space requirements
    You are not required to take physical office space, nor do you need a NOC to open your company in Dubai.

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Open Company in Dubai

Business setup in Mainland

limited liability company (LLC)

Open company in Dubai and UAE was never that easy as it’s today, the most attractive feature of the UAE market is that it’s a tax free market which means there is no tax on business income, and this encourage more and more entrepreneurs every day to start business in United Arab Emirates.

Types of mainland company licenses:

  • Commercial (All Kinds Of Trading Activities

  • Industrial (Industrial or Manufacturing Activities

  • Professional (Professional Services, Craftsmen And Artisans)

  • Tourism license (hospitality or tourism).

Open company in Dubai benefits:

Freedom to choose workplaces in any region within the United Arab Emirates.

The possibility of conducting a wide range of commercial activities.

Freedom to trade anywhere inside or outside the United Arab Emirates.

Open Company in Dubai

business setup in Freezone

Opening a company in Jebel Ali Dubai South

Free Zones in UAE offer entrepreneurs who are willing to have their own company this opportunity without the need for a local sponsor, this type of company formation is designed to encourage foreign investment with the easiest start-up processes as well as lower overhead cost.

Benefits of the free zones:

  • 100% full ownership of the company, as you will be the sole owner of the entire company without the need of a local sponsor.
  • Distinguish easily the founding procedures and lower costs.
  • Flexible solutions in all fields of business establishment.
  • The possibility of benefiting from the business community through which the services of the free zone authorities can be used in terms of support services, sponsorship, or other services.

We offer the flexibility to provide our clients with the exact package that suits their needs, as there are various Free zones all over UAE, we assist you to get the license from the best free zone as per your business requirements from the early first step till the last, we take care of everything so that you can focus on your business plan.

Open Company in Dubai

business setup in Offshore

Offshore company opened in Jebel Ali /
Ras Al-Khaimah

If you are willing to enjoy the benefits of stable economy, excellent banking facilities, tax exemption and favorable regulatory framework of the UAE, this type of enterprise will serve you the best. The United Arab Emirates is a federation of 7 flourishing business friendly hubs. To surpass all the hurdles and paper works, WIS offers reliable services of offshore company setup in UAE.

Benefits of the free zones:

  • No taxes and no regulations of tax department (except for the foreign bank branches and oil producing companies)

  • No account filing

  • Confidential and highly flexible banking system for high-net worth global investors

  • No public records of shareholders and directors

  • Strong legislation to protect the identity of investors

  • Comprehensive mitigation of risk

  • Great financial isolation for investor

  • Zero modernized administration and bureaucracy

We work with all government agencies

Let’s be honest, open company in Dubai is difficult and requires experience, specialization, and preparation of a solid business plan. All this is due to the high demand for business in Dubai in order to invest money and make a profit, this made competition among business owners intensifying and the infrastructure ceiling rising. So we offer you the five most essential steps to open company in Dubai .

There are five basic steps that you must  to open a company in Dubai  as follows:

1. Determine the field of business

Firstly, In order to open a company in Dubai you must choose the field of work that you want to start. There are many areas that you can choose from, but always remember to choose the field of work in which you have experience and specialization and above all, you like to work in it.

If you do not possess expertise or specialization in the chosen field, you should seek the assistance of those with expertise and specialization to assist you in making your business successful.

2. Choose a name for your new business

You are absolutely free to choose a name for your new company, but remember to choose a name that matches the nature of the company’s activity.

You have to keep in mind the strict legal rules of choosing the names of companies enacted by the UAE government, for example:

  • The name must not be religious or the name of God.
  • The company name is prohibited from referring to sectarian or political elements.
  • If the name of the company is in the name of a person, then that person must be one of the partners in the company and his name must be used in full, meaning that the initials of his name can’t be used.

3. Obtaining initial approval

One of the most important steps to open a company in Dubai is obtaining initial approval.

Initial approval includes both the names of the partners in the establishment of the company and the nationality of each of them, in addition to the main purpose for which the company was established.

After choosing the trade name and obtaining the initial approval to practice the activity, our team starts dealing with the UAE government agencies in order to obtain the required initial legal approvals and licenses.

4. conclusion the company contract

The contract must include the names of the partners and their nationalities, in addition to the trade name that will be used after approval, in addition to specifying the company director, the total paid-up capital, the share, and proportions of each partner in the capital.

5. Issuing the license to open a company in Dubai

After completing all the previous steps, a new company establishment license must be issued by submitting the company headquarters lease contract and the company’s establishment contract and paying the relevant legal fees. Also, the trade name must be registered and the commercial registration of the company must be issued from the Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Dubai

These are the basic steps to take for Business Setup in Dubai.

And for more information about open a company in Dubai, you can visit The Department of Economic Development (DED) website.

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